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Advanced Features

All of our advanced features include the following features

Activation Record

Parents can view the child's entire online activity record


Set the total length of time of playing games and using applications, to control the length of time the children play the game

Video Surveillance

A key to open video surveillance comprehensive protection of child safety

Family Number

Set contact family number, one-touch dial

Intercept Records

Intercept and record phone numbers and text messages outside your family number

Remote Voice Monitoring

Remote monitoring equipment to protect children's safety


Remote one-click screenshots to view the child's real-time interface

Real-time Positioning

Parents can check the specific location of the child in real time

Why Choose Us?


After buying a mobile phone, the child is addicted to playing with the phone, and the friend recommended the software. After using it, I feel that it is ok. When I have a question, I find the customer service staff to solve it. I hope that such an app will help more parents.

Free time-Google Play

I've seen this app's anti-addiction function, and I've given up on the bad habits of kids playing with their phones. I was worried he was playing with his phone. Came across this software, is installed with down is very good.

tom- Google Play