The easiest way to supervise your kids online

Being a digital parent has never been easier


A simple dashboard makes it easy to understand how your child uses devices, apps and the web.


Children's Browser and APP restrictionto protect your child from harmful content.


Reasonable setting your child's mobile app using time, prevent children addicted to mobile phones


Give children the best education resources, to avoid detour to education

Powerful Control Functions

APP Restrictionto

Protect your children from harmful applications

Activation Record

Parents can check also the whole of the recorded online activities

Children's Browser

Protect your child from harmful content

Contacts Intercept

To intercept and record the family Numbers outside calls and text messages

Familiarity Number

A key to set up contact one list, call


Control the length of time the children play the game

Real-time Positioning

Parents can check the specific location of the child in real time

Real-time Talkback

Parents can send voice to children in real time.